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Minato Narumiya (鳴宮 湊, Narumiya Minato?) is the main character of the Tsurune series. He is a first-year at Kazemai High School where he is a member of the kyudo club.

Appearance Edit

Minato is a teenage boy of medium height and average build with short, spiky black hair and a large clear green eyes. He usually wears the gakuran uniform of Kazemai High School. For kyudo he wears a white hakama.

Personality Edit

Minato is a reserved and withdrawn person, especially after his hayake incident at his last middle school tournament.

History Edit

When he was around five years old, his mother took him to a shrine, which also had a kyudojo, for a short visit. It was there that he first saw a kyudo competition (in which Akihiro Yasaka was participating) and became enamoured with kyudo. It was also there where he first learned the term tsurune from his mother. [1]

During kindergarten and elementary school, he was good friends with Seiya Takehaya and Ryouhei Yamanouchi. In fifth grade, he became a pupil to kyudo master Kazuyoshi Saionji, who was already the teacher of Shuu Fujiwara.[2] The two practiced kyudo together for a year until the accident in sixth grade, where Minato and his mother were going shopping until a speeding car rode onto the sidewalk, crashing into them. Minato's mother was killed and he was injured, left with a scar on his left side. After this accident, Minato stopped going to his kyudo lessons.

Minato enrolled into the private school Kirisaki Middle School along with Seiya, and that was where he met Shu again. The three joined the kyudo club and rose through the ranks, and then they were chosen to compete in the boys' team competition in the Prefectural Tournament in their third year. However, in the finals, Minato suddenly got hayake and cost his team the competition. After the tournament, Minato could not get rid of his hayake no matter how much he tried, and ended up quitting the club.

After he graduated from middle school, Minato opted to not advance to Kirisaki High School, which was integrated with Kirisaki Middle School, instead going to the public school Kazemai High School, which was closer to his house, more affordable and had a nearly-dead kyudo club.

Story Edit

Ten Years Ago Edit

Minato and his mother are visiting a shrine when he hears the sound of a bowstring and runs ahead, stumbling across a kyudo match at the kyudojo at the back of the shrine grove. His mother catches up and tells him not to run ahead of her. He apologizes and asks her what this is. She explains that it is a kyudo match and that the one who hits the most wins. When he remarks that sounds like fun, she tells him that it is much harder to hit than it looks, something she knows as she did kyudo in high school. They continue to watch as the two male archers, one middle-aged and one elderly, shoot without missing their targets. Minato asks his mother about the sound he had heard earlier. She tells him that is a tsurune, a sound the bowstring makes after an arrow is shot, and the sound made when an arrow hits a target is called a matooto. She explains that tsurune sounds different depending on the bow and the archer's ability, and that the tsurune is an especially beautiful sound. Minato declares that he wants to try kyudo, and makes his mother promise that she will go see him at a tournament. Just then, the middle-aged archer had missed his shot, and the elderly archer shoots, creating a beautiful tsurune and hitting the target. Minato is excited and thinks to himself that he wants to make a beautiful tsurune like that as well.[1]

First Day of High School Edit

Minato is finishing his morning run when Seiya and his dog Bear appear next to him in the neighborhood park. Minato did not want to meet him during his training, but greets him as well as Bear, who licks his face and tries to get him to show his left flank where his scar is. The three then set off on a forest path behind the park, with Bear leading the way. Minato feels faint from the completely different tone of his morning, which Seiya notices. He asks if he's alright and jokes that it will be a spectacular high school debut for him if he collapsed on the first day of school. He then says that when that time comes he will offer to nurse him in his family's hospital, which Minato says he will decline as he does not know what he is going to do. He wonders why Seiya chose to go to the same public high school as him when he could have gone to the best school in the prefecture. He had not known they would be in the same school until just a few days ago. He thinks about the new life he will be starting in high school. [3]

After the entrance ceremony, where Seiya was speaking as the freshman representative, the school clubs are recruiting new students in the school courtyard. Minato tries to quickly pass through the area, but Ryouhei throws his arms around him and Seiya. Minato is indignant at first but then recognizes who it is, their old childhood friend who he can't get angry at. The three then happily caught up and recounted their old childhood stories, until Tomio Morioka, Ryouhei's homeroom teacher, approaches them.

Tomio claims to have a secret mission, which Minato finds suspicious, but then he reveals that he has been ordered to revive the kyudo club. Ryouhei tells him that Seiya and especially Minato are interested in kyudo and have experience. Minato panics about where the conversation is going, telling Tomio that he cannot join since he has many chores to do ever since his mother died, though he can hear a voice asking him why he is still running every morning. Tomio tells him that he can come by anytime if his situation changes. Seiya and Ryouhei are both on board with joining, and they go with Tomio to the kyudojo. Before he leaves, Seiya turns back and Minato tells him that he is not doing kyudo anymore. He replies that he knows, and that he is carrying around something important. Minato grabs his bag in spite of himself and goes home when he realizes he fell for Seiya's bluff, refusing invitations from the other students.

Relationships Edit

  • Seiya Takehaya - Seiya and Minato are childhood friends and were pretty close until the moment when Minato started having psychological problems. This made Seiya very protective for his friend, to the level of obsession, because he considers himself guilty of the death of Minato's mother and his subsequent problems. In particular, he constantly tries to cross with him and even secretly goes to that high school as Minato, which is why Ryohei jokingly calls him a stalker. Shu even suggests that Seiya is generally engaged in archery just to be close to him.
  • Masaki Takigawa - Minato admires Masa very much, to such an extent that the director of the series compares their first meeting with "love at first sight". In any case, their student-teacher relationship has a fruitful influence on Minato, allowing him to gradually heal from his psychological problems and again find enough inspiration to go back to archery again. And as it is implied that Masa was the archer that inspired Minato to practice archery in childhood, all this makes Masa one of the most important people in his life.
  • Kaito Onogi - Kaito is not the most pleasant person in communication, so it is not surprising that these two have problems in communication. This becomes important after he learns about the acquaintance of Minato and Masa, as Kaito regards Minato as a dangerous opponent in the “struggle” for the status of the best and most important pupil of Masa.

Skills Edit

  • Minato can cook and do other house chores as he is in charge of most of it since his mother passed away.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • Minato's favorite food is tamagoyaki. His least favorite is myouga.
  • Minato's hobby is riding around on his bicycle. In the summer, he goes to play in the river with Seiya and Bear.[5]

References Edit

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